Business Life Insurance

Maintaining Business-As-Usual Isn’t Easy When A Key Player Goes Down 

McKee & Andrews offers life insurance policies that ensure the continuity of your business.
What will happen to your business if you pass on?

Will your heirs have to sell the business?

Business Continuity Insurance

One of our major business insurance products. It can help your family continue what you started.

Protect your family, partners, employees and business

If you have a business partner, a buy/sell agreement or funding from a life insurance policy; we can help plan how your partner could purchase your shares from your beneficiary.

Disability Insurance protects your business and employees

In the event you or an employee can no longer work because of a disability, this coverage offers protection in these unexpected events. Business Life and Disability Insurance is a wise decision for the business owner who wants to protect their themselves, their business and employees for the long term.

Our rates are often the lowest! 

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